26 MAY 2021

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, in collaboration with the U.S. Military HIV Research Program (MHRP), organized a virtual workshop to foster learning from the analysis of biological samples and data from HIV vaccine efficacy trials and the contribution of HVTN investigators.

Leading investigators discussed proposed research areas to deepen our understanding of regimens tested in HVTN 702 and other efficacy studies. The workshop is intended to inform the development of HIV vaccine products, including considerations for the analysis of correlates of protection in ongoing and future trials.

This workshop includes a series of short presentations followed by a Q&A masterly facilitated by Nicole Grunenberg – HVTN and Galit Alter, Harvard university.

Introduction to the workshop

Roger Tatoud – Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise.
Julie Ake – MHRP.

COMING SOON: Setting the stage: HVTN 702 planned lab studies

on behalf of HVTN 702 Team:
Georgia Tomaras – Duke University, Julie McElrath – HVTN, Zoe Moodie – Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Erica Andersen-Nissen – Cape Town HVTN Immunology Lab, Hutchinson Centre Research Institute of South Africa

Imbokodo & Mosaico updates, plans for correlates and sieve analyses

Daniel Stieh – Janssen Vaccine Prevention. B.V.

Behavioral Risk Analyses

Michele Andrasik, Ph.D. – HVTN.
Trevor Crowell, MD, Ph.D.  – MHRP.

Mucosal Immune Activation in the Female Genital Tract in HVTN702 and RV144 (RV306): A Potential Risk Factor of HIV acquisition in HIV efficacy trials?

Jim Kublin – HVTN
Alexandra Schuetz – MHRP

Innate Immune Analyses

Erica Andersen-Nissen, PhD – Cape Town HVTN Immunology Laboratory, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Discovering Correlates of Risk in Absence of Overall Protection to Inform Future Vaccine Design

Guido Ferrari – Duke University, Margaret Ackerman – Dartmouth, Justin Pollara – Duke University, Georgia Tomaras – Duke University.

Gene signature associating with HIV vaccine efficacy and antibody effector function

Rasmi Thomas, Ph.D – MHRP.

Final Remarks

Jim Kublin – HVTN.

Roger Tatoud – Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise.

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