About the Enterprise

Our Vision

A safe and effective vaccine available to the world

Our Ambition

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise unites stakeholders to share knowledge, foster collaboration, enable solutions and expand support critical to the development of—and future access to—an HIV vaccine

Soon after HIV was identified as the cause of AIDS in 1983, there was an expectation that an effective vaccine would be developed, tested and deployed within a few years. The intense research efforts of the past 35 years have generated important information on the virus and the disease, but a safe, effective and accessible HIV vaccine remains elusive.

To confront this challenge, in June 2003, a group of 24 leaders in the field of HIV vaccines published a Policy Forum article in the journal, Science, proposing the creation of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise. The authors recognized that attempts to develop an HIV vaccine were insufficient in scale and focus, and called for a renewed commitment to the HIV vaccine development effort.

The development of the Enterprise has progressed from conceptualization (2003) to planning (2004) to initiation of activities (2005-2007) to implementation (2008 and beyond). In 2018, the Enterprise entered a new phase that will be shaped by: relocation from the USA to Europe; transition to a new host organization, the International AIDS Society; and a renewed strategic plan for 2018-2023.

The transition to the IAS is an important milestone for the Enterprise and an opportunity to reaffirm our mission and realign our focus to meet the needs of a field that has changed dramatically since its formation more than a decade ago.

A lot has changed but a lot remains the same. While the field is arguably more collaborative than ever before, there remains a profound need for a neutral convener to facilitate connections aimed at overcoming silos and tackling the field’s most complex issues.

The Enterprise continues to provide leadership for the HIV vaccine field by coalescing stakeholders around a shared strategic plan. The Enterprise Strategic Plan 2018-2023 brings focus to critical gaps and opportunities that would benefit most from greater coordination, invigorated collaboration and facilitated, multi-stakeholder approaches. Most importantly, it represents a way for the HIV vaccine community to come together to solve problems, share materials and information and balance collaboration with healthy competition.

The alliance of funders and stakeholders that established the Enterprise more than 15 years ago understood the potential to accelerate HIV vaccine development through coordination, collaboration, knowledge sharing and mobilization of resources. With the Enterprise now part of the IAS, we have an opportunity to affirm the Enterprise’s mission in the context of a transformed landscape – and to engage new stakeholders and funders in a diversified, resilient and truly global alliance relentlessly committed to developing an HIV vaccine as quickly as possible.

  • 2003

  • 2005 - February

    2005 - February

  • 2005 - July


    NIH awards CHAVI

  • 2005 - November

    First Funders Forum

    London, Wellcome Trust

    2005 - November

  • 2006 - July


    BMGF grants 16 awards establishing the CAVD

  • 2007

    Strategic Plan

    Priority areas updated


  • 2018

    Enterprise transitions to International AIDS Society (IAS)

    A renewed Strategic Plan is launched at R4P in Madrid in October

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