Leadership is important

Expertise, experience, commitment and diversity

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise (the Enterprise) Advisory Group (EAG) has been established to support the Enterprise hosted by the International AIDS Society (IAS). The EAG’s mandate is to provide strategic and scientific advice on HIV vaccine research and development, and represent the views, interests and priorities of major stakeholders in the HIV vaccine field

The Advisory Group:

Advise — Provide advisory support and strategic guidance on topics aligned with the mission, vision and priorities of the Enterprise.

Endorse — Provide feedback on and endorse the Enterprise’s strategic plan, goals and initiatives.

Inform — Share technical expertise on HIV vaccine-related inquiries from the Enterprise team.

Review — Maintain awareness of the Enterprise’s progress against performance goals through review of regular reporting by the Enterprise team.

Connect — Suggest and (where appropriate) introduce potential partners and collaborators that can help fund, plan and support Enterprise activities and fill knowledge gaps.

Guiding principles

The following principles will underpin the activities of the Enterprise Advisory Group:

Support the achievement of endorsed Enterprise strategic plan, goals and initiatives.

Serve as objective advisers to the Enterprise.

Act in a responsive, transparent and collaborative manner with EAG members, the Enterprise team and the IAS Governing Council.

Represent the views, interests and priorities of IAS members and partner organizations and of the HIV vaccine community.


The EAG is advisory to the Enterprise hosted at IAS, and is independent of the IAS Governing Council. As a strictly advisory, non-governing body, the EAG does not have either decision-making authority or fiduciary responsibilities. A quorum will not be required.


The EAG is composed of highly committed individuals with capacity to provide strategic and technical advice on HIV vaccines. Other experts may be invited to the meetings if the need arises. The EAG is formed with a commitment to both gender and regional balance, and includes at least one community representative.

Dr. Susan Buchbinder (chair)San Francisco Department of Public Heath, USA
Dr. Linda-Gail BekkerDesmond Tutu HIV Centre, Republic of South Africa
Dr. Larry CoreyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA
Prof. Francois DabisANRS, France
Dr. Carl DieffenbachNational Institutes of Health, USA
Dr. Mark Feinberg International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, USA
Dr. Maureen GoodenowOffice of AIDS Research, NIH, USA
Dr. Glenda GraySouth African Medical Research Council, Republic of South Africa
Dr. Jerome Kim International Vaccine Institute, South Korea
Maureen LubaAVAC, Malawi/USA
Dr. Michael MakangaThe European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, The Netherland
Dr. Nina RussellThe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
Prof. Robin ShattockImperial College London, UK
Dr. Martin FriedeWorld Health Organization (WHO)
Dr. Julie AkeU.S. Military HIV Research Program (MHRP)
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