AMP studies demonstrate proof of concept of passive immunization for HIV prevention

The IAS Enterprise welcomes the results of the studies as a step forward towards a potential new HIV prevention option.

The IAS Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise welcomes new results from the AMP proof-of-concept studies (HVTN 704/HPTN 085 and HVTN 703/HPTN 081) demonstrating that infusions of the broadly neutralizing monoclonal HIV antibody (bNAb) VRC01 can prevent some HIV infections (full statement).

The AMP produced complex results and raised important new questions for the HIV vaccine R&D field. Moving forward, the field will need to consider the dual challenges of developing cocktails of antibodies that are both more broadly effective and more easily and practically delivered, while remaining affordable and accessible.

To help address these questions, the Enterprise will host an upcoming series of events with AMP study investigators to explore the results of these studies and their implications for future development of passive immunization approaches

We are also releasing online primers and factsheets about passive immunization and the AMP studies to coincide with the NIH and HVTN/HPTN announcements.

We will share more information and welcome suggestions and partnering opportunities.

Thank you

The Enterprise

Find out more about passive immunization and the AMP studies

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