Enterprise meeting report

Sustaining and strengthening HIV vaccine R&D in Europe.

26 October 2019, Ghent, Belgium.

Europe-led HIV vaccine research and development (R&D) has made a significant contribution towards the development of a safe and effective HIV vaccine. As new funding cycles and priorities are being discussed, there are several opportunities for European research communities to mobilize and play a role in shaping the agenda.

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise (the Enterprise) meeting in Ghent, Belgium, provided an opportunity to engage as a region on critical issues, including political and research commitments in Europe, with the aim of ensuring that HIV vaccine R&D remains a key priority in a challenging and changing global health landscape.

Advocacy is needed to ensure that an HIV vaccine is part of HIV prevention and also to ensure that funding is made available by the European Union (EU) for HIV vaccine R&D. This requires a collaborative effort to influence policy at the national and the EU level. As a potential next step, a coalition could be established as an instrument to specifically support HIV vaccine R&D advocacy at the EU level.

Kevin Fisher presenting data from AVAC resources tracking

Kasia Lemanska (aidsfonds) presenting on the development of the Horizon Europe framework

Dr Debbie King (Imperial College London) presenting on major EU-funded HIV vaccine studies

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