New home for a renewed Enterprise

The HIV vaccine field has built considerable momentum in recent times with multiple efficacy-stage programmes underway and new vaccine concepts in the clinical pipeline. The range of opportunities and possibilities is matched by a shared understanding and sense of urgency that the field is underprepared for the range of complex challenges that remain.

For three decades, the IAS has played a fundamental role in the response to HIV. Hosting the Enterprise ensures that the pursuit of an HIV vaccine is prominent in its mission to reduce the global impact of the disease. The integration of the Enterprise within the IAS presents a timely opportunity to re-engage with key stakeholders, reintroduce the Enterprise to the global health and R&D ecosystem, affirm its mission in the context of a transformed landscape, explore opportunities to collaborate, and expand the range of partners in a diversified, resilient and global alliance firmly committed to developing an HIV vaccine

Following stakeholders’ consultation, a new Enterprise Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023 was launched at HIVR4P in Madrid in October 2018. The Strategic Plan addresses several pivotal questions:

How can we maintain the momentum of scientific collaborative efforts while orienting the vaccine community around emerging priorities in late-stage product development? How can we support the vaccine space to respond optimally to results from current efficacy trials? How can we best leverage the IAS’s record of accomplishment in convening and engaging a diverse range of stakeholders to advance the interests of the HIV vaccine community? How can we build greater political support and expand the Enterprise?

In response, the Strategic Plan describes areas of activity for the Enterprise over a five-year period that will enable three field-wide impacts: a robust portfolio of promising vaccine concepts, enhanced readiness for the results of ongoing efficacy studies and novel first-in-human studies and sustained and diversified funding for the field.

To achieve these, the Enterprise will stimulate dialogue, develop resources, facilitate solutions, and help the field maintain product development momentum, plan for success and diversify the coalition of partners critical to achieving objectives.