Passive Immunization Trials:



  • What can we expect to learn from passive immunization trials? (Mary Marovich)
  • The landscape of passive immunization efforts (Pervin Anklesaria)

Session 1: Clinical Trials

Clinical Evaluation the HIV-1 CD4 Binding Site-Specific Monoclonal Antibody VRC01
   —Barney Graham

Anti-HIV antibodies in prevention and therapy
   —Michel Nussenzweig

Immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer – Shortcut to an HIV vaccine
   —Phil Johnson

MHRP passive antibody transfer studies in African and THai cohorts
   —Merlin Robb

Statistical issues for assessing treatment efficacy and correlates of protection in mAb efficacy trials
   —Peter Gilbert

Session 2: Alternate antibody formats and delivery methods

Gene-based Ab Delivery
   —David Baltimore

Antibody-based therapeutic strategies to purge the HIV cell reservoir
   —Gepi Pantaleo

Novel passive immunization approaches to HIV prevention
   —David Ho

Session 3: NHP studies

Administration of potent anti-HIV neutralizing monoclonal antibodies to macaques prior to or following challenge with SIV/HIV chimeric viruses
   —Malcolm Martin

Post-exposure mAb prophylaxis in macaques as a model for preventing infection in HIV-exposed newborns
   —Nancy Haigwood

Identification and application of CCR5-tropic SHIVs with transmitted/founder HIV-1 Envs
   —Gregory Del Prete

Establishment and Targeting of the Viral Reservoir in Rhesus Monkeys
   —Dan Barouch

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