Harnessing Novel Imaging Approaches to Guide HIV Prevention and Cure Discoveries


Day 1

Workshop Goals
  —Jacob D. Estes, Frederick National Laboratory, MD

Session 1: Early Events and Pathogenesis

Image analysis of HIV/SIV pathogenesis: A guide to improving treatment, vaccine development, and cure strategies
  —Ashley T. Haase, University of Minnesota, MN

Imaging HIV/SIV transmission and prevention in macaque mucosal challenge and human explant models
  —Thomas J. Hope, Northwestern University, IL

Imaging and molecular techniques combined to track mucosal transmission and dissemination
  —Brandon F. Keele, Frederick National Laboratory, MD

Image analysis of HIV induced lymphoid tissue fibrosis advances our understanding of HIV pathogenesis
  —Timothy Schacker, University of Minnesota, MN

Dynamics of CD4 pool repopulation in the whole-body following antiretroviral treatment of SIV infection: an in vivo imaging study
  —Michele Di Mascio, NIAID, NIH, MD

Session 2: Reservoirs and Cure

New developments in understanding the latent reservoir for HIV
  —Robert F. Siliciano, Johns Hopkins University, MD

Novel in situ imaging approaches to understand viral persistence
  —Jacob D. Estes, Frederick National Laboratory, MD

Mapping early SIV replication during acute and post acute infection
  —Francois Villinger, University of Louisiana, LA

Imaging B cell follicles to investigate HIV/SIV persistence
  —Elizabeth Connick, University of Arizona, AZ

Visualization of HIV mucosal transmission, viremia rebound, and drug-resistance in humanized mice
  —Won-Bin Young, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Day 2

Session 3: Vaccines

New approaches to HIV vaccines and imaging
  —Dan Barouch, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MA

Tissue imaging: Shedding light into immune dynamics in vaccinology and viral infections
  —Costas Petrovas, NIAID, NIH, MD

Immuno-PET/CT interrogations of SIV and SHIV infections
  —Philip Santangelo, Georgia Tech, GA

Imaging changes at vaccine injection site
  —Roger Le Grand, CEA, France

Session 4: Emerging Technologies and Lessons from Non-HIV/SIV Models

Visualizing the immune response to infection and immunization
  —Gabriel Victora, Rockefeller University, NY

Visualizing immune responses to vaccines
  —Michael Gerner, University of Washington, WA

Using high-throughput microscopy to study cellular structure and function
  —Sigal Shachar, Center for Cancer Research (NCI), MD

Cellular and viral dynamics during HIV infection in humanized mice
  —Thorsten R. Mempel, Harvard University, MA

Using mass spectrometry imaging to visualize drug distribution in putative viral reservoirs
  —Angela Kashuba, University of North Carolina, NC

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