2nd Infant Trials Workshop: Presentations

Day 1
Session 1: PMTCT: Standard of care and remaining gaps

Welcome, Objectives, and Overview
   —Yegor Voronin, Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

State of the art in PMTCT of HIV
   —Lynne Mofenson, NIH

PMTCT implementation in Eastern and Southern Africa, with case study: Mozambique MTCT
   —Marilena Urso, CDC Mozambique

Lessons from adopting and delivering Hep B prevention in Africa
   —Yusuke Shimakawa, Pasteur Institute

Children infected at 1-2 years of age: what’s missing in current prevention standard of care?
   —Paula Vaz, Ariel Glaser Foundation

PMTCT gaps and affected populations in RSA
   —Philip Goulder, Oxford University

Trial enrollment of late presenters: numbers and challenges from PROMISE trial
   —Lynda Stranix-Chibanda, Seke North, CRS

Session 2: Setting the stage for human efficacy trials of passive immunity

Concept, history, and current state of the art in passive immunization
   —Barney Graham, VRC/NIH

Lessons learned from past passive immunization trials to prevent HIV MTCT
   —Laura Guay, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

VRC01 clinical experience in adults and infants
   —Betsy McFarland, U of Colorado (presented for Coleen Cunningham, Duke University)

VRC01 experience in AMP study
   —Nyaradzo Mgodi, UZ-UCSF

VRC01-LS and newer Abs or combinations of Abs
   —John Mascola, VRC/NIH

Proposed design of a VRC01-LS study in infants
   —Betsy McFarland, U of Colorado

Day 2
Session 3: Active immunization: old and new concepts

Infant immune system and response to vaccines
   —Arnaud Marchant, Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Ab responses to HIV in infants
   —Gabriella Scarlatti, Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

bNabs development in infants
   —Philip Goulder, Oxford University

The contribution of innate and adaptive immune cells to HIV immunity – implications for vaccine design
   —Kristina De Paris, UNC Chapel Hill

Previous and planned studies of HIV vaccines in infants
   —Sallie Permar, Duke University

Novel vaccine products for planned phase 1 immunogenicity studies in infants
   —Jean Patterson, OAR

Industry perspective on pediatric HIV vaccine development
   —Marguerite Koutsoukos, GSK

Final wrap up
   —Devasena Gnanashanmugam, DAIDS/NIAID/NIH

Final wrap up
   —Barney Graham, VRC/NIH

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