Presentations from the 3rd Env Vaccine Manufacturing Workshop

Funder updates

Mary Marovich “Vaccine Research Program Overview”

Susan Barnett “Update on Gates Foundation plans”

Approaches to accelerate phase I manufacturing

Frederick Porter “Manufacturing vaccines for first-in-man clinical trials in an academic GMP facility”

Daniel Gowetski “Advances in HIV Env Antigen Manufacturing to Improve Timelines and Product Quality/Productivity”

Dietmar Katinger “European AIDS Vaccine Initiative 2020”

Short updates on ongoing programs

Antu Dey “cGMP manufacturing of BG505 SOSIP.664 gp140 clinical trial material”

Vadim Tsvetnitsky “eOD Project update”

Vadim Tsvetnitsky “MPER liposome project update”

Current challenges and technical innovations

Phillip Berman “Progress in Improving the HIV Envelope Manufacturing Process”

Ericka Sjogren “Avoiding non-technical pitfalls in CMO selection and contract negotiation”

Product development for early stage clinical HIV vaccine studies

Antu Dey “Accelerated Product Development for Phase I/II clinical evaluation – balancing science, time and cost”

Nicholas Vrolijk “Accelerated Product Development for Phase I/II Clinical Evaluation – Balancing Science, Time and Cost”

Abhinav Shukla “HIV Vaccines Process Development & Manufacturing – pitfalls & possibilities”

Bruce Kerwin “Formulating HIV Env as frozen drug product for Phase I testing – Key considerations”

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