Save the Date: Enterprise Briefing on VISP/R Consultation

Please join us on Thursday, 2 May at 11:00 a.m. EDT for a web briefing on the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise’s latest Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines consultation on Vaccine Induced Sero-Positivity/Reactivity (VISP/R). The Enterprise, IAVI and NIAID will present highlights from the recent consultation, including preliminary recommendations to develop a coordinated field-wide approach to VISP/R. 

HIV VISP/R occurs when a trial participant develops antibodies to the HIV components in the vaccine candidate and therefore tests positive on some diagnostic HIV tests, which look for the presence of antibodies as a sign of infection. Given that HIV vaccine candidates are becoming more complex and are more likely to elicit robust and durable antibody responses, HIV vaccine trial participants will increasingly encounter VISP/R. 

Preparation for large-scale efficacy trials further adds to this issue, which is why the Enterprise and partners convened vaccine researchers, developers of commercial tests, normative and regulatory agencies and community representatives to help formulate and develop plans to implement best practices for short- and long-term support of trial volunteers.
This webinar will feature presentations from Pat Fast (IAVI) and Mary Allen (NIAID) who will update on the issues raised during the consultation and possible approaches to addressing VISP/R. Anyone with an interest in HIV vaccine clinical trials design, product development, antibody testing or participant issues should plan to attend. There will be ample time for questions and comments.
Register for the Webinar
To access the webinar, please register here: If you are unable to attend, we will post a link to the recording of the webinar on our web site,
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