eAccess Meetings: 2016 Keystone
Symposia on HIV Vaccines

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The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise in collaboration with Keystone Symposia organized an ePanel discussion and series of SciTalks presentations that brought together key experts in the HIV prevention vaccine field. The ePanel and SciTalks addressed a broad range of topics pertinent to state-of-the-art HIV vaccine research.

ePanel Discussion: “HIV vaccines: Paths to efficacy”

  • Chair: Gabriella Scarlatti
  • Panelists: Nicole Frahm, Barton Haynes, and Penny Moore

Keynote talk at the Keystone Symposia, HIV Vaccines 2016 meeting:

  • Anthony Fauci: “Ending the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Follow the Science”


  • Margaret Ackerman: “Profiling protective antibody responses”
  • Pamela Bjorkman: “Structural studies of HIV-1 infection”
  • Michael Farzan: “AAV-expressed eCD4-Ig as an HIV-1 vaccine alternative”
  • Marit J van Gils: “A broadly neutralizing antibody from an elite neutralizer targets a novel site at the gp120-gp41 interface”
  • Tomas Hanke: “A novel conserved-region T-cell mosaic vaccine with very high global coverage of HIV-1 variants is recognized by protective responses in chronic untreated infection”
  • Luca Micci: “Determinants of viral control following ART-interruption in SIV-infected macaques”
  • Giuseppe Pantaleo: “Novel therapeutic interventions in the targeting of the HIV cell reservoir”
  • Matthew Sutton: “Importance of CD8 T cell responses targeting variable epitopes in SIV”
  • Georgia Tomaras: “HIV-1 vaccine humoral immunity, immune correlates and mechanistic insights”
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