Enterprise Calls for Timely Topics Proposals -- Help Identify Topics Critical to Advancing HIV Vaccine R&D

Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines is a science strategy program of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, convening experts to respond to emerging priority issues in the field. Through an open call for proposals, the Enterprise aims to identify the most important strategic topics that need to be discussed and explored in a collaborative fashion.

Since its inception, the Timely Topics initiative addressed issues ranging from conduct of efficacy trials in HIV-exposed infants to vaccine product development planning to durability of antibody responses. For the full list of topics, see our website. The ideas for these topics came from people like you –researchers, funders, advocates – and we worked together to define the best format to tackle the issue (think tanks, online tools, virtual convenings, consultations, etc.), identified relevant experts to involve, and provided financial and logistical support.

We are now looking for strategic issues that we could help address in 2014/2015. Tell us what priority issues/opportunities you believe require more attention and will facilitate HIV vaccine research and development. We will carefully review all ideas, and we are particularly interested in topics that:

  • help keep the field broad, open, and cutting edge, which includes building on lessons from early HIV infection and pathogenesis, other HIV prevention research, new technologies, or vaccines against other diseases;
  • by defining protective mechanisms in a variety of models, help refine criteria for vaccine design and optimization, in hopes of informing decision-making and improving the chances of success in efficacy trials;
  • lead to better incorporation and emphasis on development pathways, enabling better selection of candidates, more effective longer-term planning and preparation, and smoother transition between development phases.

We Want to Hear From You Now!

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