Enterprise and Partners Explore New Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines

The Enterprise and partners will focus on identifying synergies between therapeutic and preventive HIV vaccines and exploring strategies to generate long-lasting immune responses from an HIV vaccine

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise is collaborating with experts in immunology, vaccinology, and other infectious disease areas to bring in new ideas and expertise to help address some of the HIV vaccine field's most pressing issues. As part of its Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines series, the Enterprise and partners will focus on identifying synergies between therapeutic and preventive HIV vaccines and exploring strategies to generate long-lasting immune responses from an HIV vaccine. With our partners, we are also following up on and developing resources to address other timely topics including, HIV prevention trials in infants and vaccine-induced sero-positivity/reactivity. See below for more details.  

Therapeutic Vaccines

The therapeutic HIV vaccine field has seen a revival in recent years, largely associated with the cure agenda. The Enterprise, together with AVAC, the Treatment Action Group, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will bring together HIV therapeutic vaccine researchers and advocates to discuss the state of the field and develop recommendations for future research developments. As part of this consultation and during one session, the Enterprise will update the therapeutic vaccine community on progress in preventive vaccine research, explore common points of interest and look for ways to collaborate moving forward. Read more

Think Tank on Durability of Antibody Responses 

History has proven that preventive vaccines must be able to generate long-lasting immune responses to have a positive impact on public health systems. A licensable HIV vaccine must generate such durable responses. This think-tank session will bring together experts in B-cell immunology and vaccine development to review currently licensed vaccine formulations that induce long-lasting responses, identify gaps in our understanding of immunological mechanisms responsible for generating durable antibody responses to HIV, and determine strategies to move HIV vaccine research forward. Read more

More details on our new timely topics are below and on our web site,

Timely Topics Resources!

Now Available

  • VISP Meeting Report and Presentations: The Enterprise with support from NIAID, brought together representatives from academia, government, the private sector and biotech companies from around the world for a consultation to examine vaccine-induced sero-positivity/sero-reactivity (VISP/VISR) and develop best practices to support trial volunteers. Partners are beginning to implement recommendations coming out of the meeting. Read the meeting report, listen to the webinar highlights, review the presentations and tell us what you think.   
  • HIV Prevention Trials in Infants Meeting Report, Opinions, Commentaries, and Discussion: In January, the Enterprise, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, IMPAACT Network and the Vaccine Research Center convened a consultation in Entebbe to help develop recommendations for the design and conduct of current and future HIV prevention trials in infants born to HIV-positive mothers. The discussion and follow up considerations have sparked debate; check out the meeting report, commentaries and opinions on our web site.

Coming Soon!

  • Product Development/Bench to Clinic ToolkitThe Enterprise, Imperial College London and IAVI plan to release, at the end of the year, a web-based tool that describes the various considerations for taking HIV vaccine candidates from preclinical studies into Phase I clinical trials. 

About Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines

Timely Topics in HIV Vaccines is a new strategy series to identify and respond to unresolved and emerging priority issues to help accelerate HIV vaccine R&D. Through an open call for proposals, the Enterprise aims to identify the most strategic needs of the field and will sponsor think tanks, meetings, forums and develop other products to tackle these issues.

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