CIHR-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launch team grant funding opportunity on Mucosal Immunology for HIV Vaccine Development

In the field of HIV vaccines, the prevention of HIV through mucosal infection has emerged as a critical area for investigation.  Mucosal surfaces, such as vaginal and rectal surfaces, are primary sites of HIV infection and offer potentially critical opportunities for protection.  A better understanding of early events in HIV exposure may be leveraged to develop new strategies to block infection or establish early, stringent control of HIV and prevent further spread.

Under the auspices of  the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and CIHR have established a joint initiative to address the role of mucosal immunology in HIV protection for vaccine development.  This collaborative Funding Opportunity aims to contribute significant new knowledge to the field of HIV vaccines by supporting innovative and collaborative research projects investigating aspects of mucosal immunology.  Research teams composed of Canadian and international researchers will tackle critical research questions leading to a better basic understanding of HIV-mucosa interactions and immune responses.

Click here for more information on objectives, eligibility, deadlines and how to apply.

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