Les Cent GardesCent Gardes Conference:
HIV Vaccines

Established in 1986 by Dr. Charles Mérieux, the Cent Gardes symposium has been one of the premier international scientific events of its type on the subject of HIV/AIDS. The 2017 Cent Gardes Conference on HIV Vaccines was held at Les Pensières conference center, Annecy, France from 6 - 8 October. The conference gathered together international speakers of the highest level: scientific experts from public and private research, from hospitals and universities, and representatives from the health authorities of many countries to present their work in the field of HIV/AIDS.


Scientific Programme

  • Session 1: Regulation of induction of protective immune responses in natural infection and following vaccination; Chair: Andrew McMichael
  • Session 2: Update on HIV prevention: what are we learning from the clinic (immune correlates, vaccine, other interventions (PrEp); Chair: Robin Shattock
  • Session 3: Advances in the development of bNabs and non-bNabs (antigen design and preclinical models); Chairs: John Moore and Carolyn Williamson
  • Session 4: Advances in the development of bNabs and non-bNabs (antigen design and preclinical models); Chair: Susan Zolla-Pazner
  • Session 5: bNabs and non-bNabs in prevention and therapy; Chair: Linqi Zhang
  • Session 6: Mechanisms of transmission and mucosal immunity; Chair: Jake Estes
  • Session 7: HIV persistence and cell reservoir (molecular mechanisms, cell reservoir in blood and tissue cell populations); Chairs: Olivier Lambotte and Jean-Daniel Lelievre
  • Session 8: Immune-based interventions; Chair: Francois Dabis
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